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It's a beautiful thing when a passion
& career come together

Janova Events specializes in wedding & event planning. Bringing your vision to life is something that brings a joy to our hearts. Planning a wedding can start out overwhelming & we strive to walk you through the process to enjoying it rather than being overwhelmed. 

Weddings| Corporate Events| Fundraisers| Private Events

About Jenn,
Founder & Lead Planner

My name is Jennifer, I was born & raised in Florida. Fitting to the name of the sunshine state, I'm a lover of everything to do with the ocean and beaches. I have always been the go-to-gal for parties & other events for family & friends. In 2017, I did an array of fundraising for a family friend's ill child. After much encouragement, I  decided event planning was where my heart was, & never looked back. Since starting Janova Events I have fallen more & more in love with weddings & events. There's always something new to learn & improve on. I am a mom to 3 amazing kids, 2 girls & 1 boy who are very active with sports, primarily baseball/softball. If I'm not at my office or an event; most likely I am at a ball field somewhere cheering on either one of my kids, or one of my friend's kids.

- A little more about me-

Koozies are my favorite favor, I have a koozie for everything, even my bottles of water. 

I have 9 siblings, 4 nephews & 8 nieces 

Jim Carey is my favorite of all time  

Sea turtles are my favorite animal / spirit animal. 

Greece & Italy are my all time bucket list item & I will GLADLY do any weddings there. 

Baseball is my favorite sport

Old trucks are my favorite cars, esp Fords & Chevys

I am a tom boy at heart but have a girly side. 

My first job was a car wash detailing cars when I was 16. One job people never believe I've had is at an airport marshalling in private jets & fueling the planes & loading the luggage when I was 19. It was so much fun! 

I love to learn almost anything 

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