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Michelle & Andrew - Orlando Science Center

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Michelle & Andrew met through work, they worked at a psychiatric hospital together. She saw him on his first day, he was training on the morning shift and she came in later that night for the night shift. When she walked in he was sitting in a chair playing cards with the patients. Her initial thought – Great, another bum. It’s his first day and he’s already sitting. So far, off to a great start huh!?

Their first official date was Halloween 2015. He asked her via text. He went to her house to give

out candy to trick-or-treaters! (HOW CUTE) He brought a pizza, Swedish Fish, and a scary movie to watch. Michelle's dog liked him, so that counts for something. So overall a success! His birthday was like 2 weeks later and their first outing was for his birthday and she took him to the classiest Italian eatery in Odessa, FL –Carabbas. Michelle: "I’m sure her refined tastes are what really sealed the deal that I was the one."

The Proposal:

Michelle: "Our proposal was in May of 2019, we were where all great love stories begin, a Carnival cruise ship. It was the first day of the cruise, we were JUST getting into our stateroom (got a porthole view, v classy), & we were putting our stuff away. He asked me to grab something from his backpack from the front pocket, I reached in & gave him the baby wipes, those were the first thing my hand touched. He told me to reach down further, there was a ring box. He didn’t come out and say anything or kneel down, but I understood the ask. He later told me he had planned to do it somewhere on the ship that was more romantic or beautiful, but he couldn’t wait any longer and he was going to explode with nerves if he didn’t get it out. So, unfortunately, no big grand gesture and we won’t be having a Hallmark movie made in honor of the event"

Michelle & Andrew got married at the Orlando Science Center January 2023. This wedding was supposed to take place January of 2021 but unfortunately, Covid had other plans. Their best man was incredibly ill with covid so they at one point, had to cancel all plans & eventually circled back to putting plans back in motion. Michelle gave all creative freedom to her vendors & said 'I like it, roll with it'

The ceremony was to take place on the terrace however, mother nature had other plans. The rain prevented an outdoor ceremony. So we went with Plan B.. A ceremony under the moon. It was beautiful.

Venue: Orlando Science Center

Photographer Nick and Lauren Photography

Catering Millenia Catering

Florals Stephanie Voth Events

DJ / Dancing on a cloud / Sparklers Junction 88

Candy buffet Florida Candy Buffet

Hair & Makeup: About Face

Rentals : Longwood Events

Pet Care Fairy tale Pet Care

Cake - Groom's Mother

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