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Aaron & Jacqueline - Innisbrook Resort

Aaron and Jacqueline started dating in 2014 . They met in high school and ran in similar circles but weren’t close friends. When Jacqueline got back from FSU in 2014, they started dating and have been together since. Aaron proposed Dec 21, 2019 at a secret Santa event they were throwing for friends at Craft Street. Aaron was so scared Jacqueline would pass out that he wanted to make sure she was sitting down. The pair got married January 16, 2021 at Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor, FL and did a Beauty & the Beast themed wedding. Instead of numbered tables, we used character names from the movie to name each table and the seating chart was little lanterns to 'light your path' similar to Maurice (Belle's father' did when lost in the woods. It was a beautiful cold day for Jacqueline to arrive in a horse drawn carriage like a real princess on her wedding day. As of September 2022, they're happily married and welcomed their first born, Isabella to the world.

Photo Credit: Sublime Studios, LLC

Venue: Innisbrook Resort

Florist: Leaf it to Us

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